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International Fall School on Organic Electronics

Hotel Soyuz, Moscow region.
Oral abstracts submission deadline- May 01, 2015.
Posterabstracts submission deadline-June 01, 2015.


LGS - 2009

3-d International Laser Graduate School "Modern Problems of Laser Physics LGS-2009"
Moscow – Vyatichi,November 911, 2009.


ILC and GPWP Chair Seminar

March 21, 2014
15:00 S.A. Akhmanov Hall, Nonlinear Optics Bld.

Alexander Pukhov...

Home Education Practice


"Computers and measurements" practical course laboratory

This practical course includes a set of tasks and laboratory works oriented at students of the third to the fourth year of he GPWP Chair, students of the third to the fifth years of the Radio Physics Division, and attendees of the ILC Graduate Courses. Details...

"Lasers and nonlinear optics" practical course laboratory

This practical course laboratory is a modern laboratory for student practical training and improving qualifications of researchers (including those from abroad) specialized in quantum electronics, laser physics and nonlinear optics. This laboratory serves to train students of the Physics Department of Moscow State University and attendees of ILC graduate courses, as well as to improve the qualification and to provide additional training of experts in medicine, biology, and chemistry, who deal with laser and nonlinear-optical methods and instruments in their research and practice. Seven laser setups available at this laboratory allow the experimental training to be provided along the following directions Details...

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