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International Fall School on Organic Electronics

Hotel Soyuz, Moscow region. 
Oral abstracts submission deadline  -  May 01, 2015.
Poster abstracts submission deadline  -  June 01, 2015


LGS - 2009

3-d International Laser Graduate School "Modern Problems of Laser Physics LGS-2009"  
Moscow – Vyatichi, November 9 – 11, 2009.


ILC and GPWP Chair Seminar

March 21, 2014
15:00 S.A. Akhmanov Hall, Nonlinear Optics Bld.

Alexander Pukhov...

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ICONO/LAT 2013 Best Student Paper Awards

ICONO/LAT 2013 Best Student Paper Awards

Best student paper awards sponsored by the Optical Society of America (OSA) and the ICONO/LAT 2013.

Four awards by 500USD in cash each were awarded at the conference for both best oral and poster presentations delivered by students. The decision was made by a special jury chaired by Prof. Philip Russell, Vice-President of the OSA.

The list of winners

1) Henning Kurzke "Influence of photon bunching on two-photon excited fluorescence: thermal vs. coherent light", University of Potsdam, Germany, talk IWI7 (full list of authors: H.Kurzke, A.Jechow, M.Seefeldt, H.Kurzke, A.Heuer, R.Menzel, Univ. of Potsdam, Inst. of Phys. and Astronomy, Photonics, Germany)

2) Anton Bykov "Second order nonlinear optical scattering from multilayer graphene", M.V. Lomonosov MSU, Russia, talk IWI2 (A.Y.Bykov, A.I.Maydykovskiy, T.V.Murzina, Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., Russia, M.G.Rybin, E.D.Obraztsova, A.M.Prokhorov General Phys. Inst., Russia)

3) Konstantin Tukmakov "Fabrication of diamond film-based photonics with focused ion beam", S.P.Korolev Samara State Aerospace University, Russia, talk LFA5 (K.N.Tukmakov, B.O.Volodkin, S.P.Korolev Samara State Aerospace Univ, Russia, V.S.Pavelyev, Image Processing Systems Inst., Russia, M.S.Komlenok, A.A.Khomich, A.M.Prokhorov General Physics Inst., Russia, V.G.Ralchenko, CVD Spark Ltd, Russia)

4) Yulia Eremeicheva "Simulation of neutron emission due thermo-nuclear reactions during thin-film palladium deuteride irradiation by super-intense femtosecond laser pulses", A.M.Prokhorov General Phys. Inst., Russia, poster LFH34, (S.N.Andreev, Yu.I.Eremeicheva, A.M.Prokhorov General Phys. Inst., Russia, V.P.Tarakanov, Joint Inst. for High Temperatures, Russia, S.G.Garanin, B.P.Yakutov, Russian Federal Nuclear Center “All-Russian Research Inst. of Experimental Physics”, Russia)

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