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International Fall School on Organic Electronics

Hotel Soyuz, Moscow region.
Oral abstracts submission deadline- May 01, 2015.
Posterabstracts submission deadline-June 01, 2015.


LGS - 2009

3-d International Laser Graduate School "Modern Problems of Laser Physics LGS-2009"
Moscow – Vyatichi,November 911, 2009.


ILC and GPWP Chair Seminar

March 21, 2014
15:00 S.A. Akhmanov Hall, Nonlinear Optics Bld.

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Laboratory of Quantum Information

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Science interests
  • Laser physics Physics of laser-matter interaction Dynamics of photoexcited molecules; Coherent control quantum optics and physics of quantum information Nanooptics and optics of metamaterials

All laboratory`s grants

  • History of the Lab goes back in 70th of the last century, when two outstanding professors of theoretical physics, Prof. Rouslan L. Stratonovich and Prof. Yuri L. Klimontovich,working with the Chair of General Physics and Wave Processes, Department of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, moved into the room No. 3-06 of just-launched Nonlinear Optics Building and formed a core of the theoretical lab (along with other theory-like labs at the chair). Yuri Klimontovich used to work at the Lab till his move to the Chair of Low Temperatures, whereas Rouslan Stratonovich worked in the Lab till his sudden death in 1997.

  • In the beginning of 90th Prof. Victor Zadkov and shortly after Prof. Boris Grishanin joined the Lab. Their research areas significantly overlapped and they used to work together till 2006, when Boris Grishanin suddenly passed away. Works of Profs. Rouslan Stratonovich, Boris Grishanin, and Victor Zadkov largely formed the scope of the Lab and research projects running there.

  • For roughly 20 years many our Lab students graduated from the Department of Physics and work nowadays in both Russia and abroad (Bulgaria, Germany, UK, USA). Five of our students received PhD degrees with our Lab and two graduates (Yulia Vladimirova and Denis Yanyshev) forms nowadays the core of the Lab along with its head, Prof. Victor Zadkov.

  • Results received in our Lab by the faculty members and our students are well known both in Rusia and abroad. Traditionally, we do intensively collaborate with experimental groups in Russia (labs at MSU, Lebedev Physical Institute, Institute of Spectroscopy) and abroad (University of Reno, USA; University of Bonn, Germany; Siena University, Italy; ENS di Pari, France; Waseda University, Japan, etc.)

  • Our students are trained to have a good knowledge of and are instrumental in the methods of theoretical physics, specifically those of modern quantum mechanics.
  • In the lab they raise experience and skills in research at the edge quantum physics, quantu optics, physics of quantum information,physics and optics of nanosystems, etc.
  • They also raise essential skills in scientific modeling, including parallel computing, and using packages of computer algebra (for instance, Mathematica).
  • All our students are involved into the international research projects running by our Lab, as well as attend national and International schools and conferences.

Phone: (495) 939-51-73
Room: 3-06
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